Jul. 16th 09:00 PM 2009
where do u live in Sapele?

answer 2 ur question

Jun. 22nd 09:25 AM 2009
u ask me if am pretty? everything made by God is beautiful.


Jan. 15th 09:14 AM 2009
is that


Jan. 15th 09:13 AM 2009
i am soo busy taht is wher

say hello

Dec. 30th 08:28 AM 2008
i was on break that is why


Dec. 23rd 08:34 PM 2008
God Bless you


Oct. 9th 02:28 AM 2008
what up. thank you for care, nice to meet u.hope i will read from u soon


Oct. 7th 02:55 AM 2008
what up, i like ur profile. hope you dey coooooooool.

how u dey

Jul. 10th 07:42 PM 2008
i have accept it