hi Ann

Mar. 16th 12:53 PM 2016
you are so cute

hi friend, long time

Feb. 5th 02:45 PM 2011
happy weekend


Jun. 29th 05:24 AM 2010

Hi Stesia.

Jun. 21st 02:14 PM 2010
Hou are you? very greatful you made me your pal, thank you with lots of love.


Jun. 19th 08:20 PM 2010
Baby whats up!!.........can we get to know each other??

Beautiful one!

Jun. 17th 08:03 PM 2010
Stesia I will like 2 be ur Friend


Jun. 17th 09:46 AM 2010
U are looking good


Jun. 17th 09:41 AM 2010
U are looking good


Jun. 17th 02:20 AM 2010
You look cute baby!! How are you doing?

Naija Conductors

Jun. 17th 01:27 AM 2010
they drag u 2 enter their after 3 mins they start abusing u 4 giving them 500naira. Madam which kind tin b dis i go vomit ur change? I suggest a psychiatric examination.