Nov. 10th 12:55 PM 2010
How are you doing?

good looking

May. 25th 05:37 PM 2010
hello girl this collins saying hi to u and how are u doing today u really looking good and i like to be ur friend


May. 25th 11:04 AM 2010
hi na-na hoqw are u and ur family i hope everything is fine,i will u like to call me on this this number08095897057


May. 25th 09:37 AM 2010
Tell me truth is this ya real pic?. Send me a naijapal mail, telling me if it is or not, i'll keep it a secret.

hey chap!!!am d nu kid on d bloc kinda lyk ur name...i wan2 b ur frnd.

May. 25th 09:09 AM 2010
dere is no point existin if u kant d feel alive..I'm dicey d lynx kid on d bloc..nd i wnt 2 get huk't wiv d best chaps on d bloc...