Apr. 4th 04:14 PM 2011
u tell me?


Mar. 23rd 03:03 PM 2011
I don't get wat u left on my wall.


Mar. 23rd 10:07 AM 2011
that is so true!


Feb. 24th 02:12 PM 2011
What makes u think some1's crying?

what can we say is love

Feb. 24th 10:47 AM 2011
well, love is not just any thing we can sell or kill so easy,what type of friend do u want to have in your lif?is it the type that has no trouth?love is life,love is hope,love is joy,love have peace,love have power,love never lost,love does not kill,love does not tell lies,love is all the good u know about.God blesse u all. live a life of love