Feb. 7th 03:32 PM 2011
Do tell me where u r from, plsss


Feb. 5th 02:30 PM 2011
1hr don reach ooo... l never See any Package

Na me get Buyers

Feb. 5th 01:03 PM 2011
So na me dey Collect

nwanyi oma!

Feb. 5th 01:00 PM 2011
wishing you a wonderful weekend.


Feb. 5th 09:53 AM 2011
Yes oo... Oya send yur own ooo... My Buyers dey Hurry me :)


Feb. 4th 03:31 PM 2011
Have the most wonderful weekend


Feb. 4th 01:46 PM 2011
Good day. Miss u. Do drop a msg pls

Nice write up.

Feb. 2nd 11:51 AM 2011
I was blessed by ur write up Baby Gal. My name is Kelvin and l stay in Lagos. Saw ur pix and got interested in u. Where are u based? Will love to meet u someday.


Jan. 28th 10:46 AM 2011
don't be too stressed babe.


Jan. 27th 05:50 PM 2011
i was thinkn u say i don't 4get u and u said i don't get u. no mind me again. got some eye problem. am the one that added u as my pal. my sista son is treasure.