Aug. 8th 12:32 PM 2011
We've all heard that we have to learn from our mistakes, but I think it's more important to learn from successes. If you learn only from your mistakes, you are inclined to learn only errors.


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What is Love?

Jun. 4th 05:13 PM 2010
They said when you have someone always in your mind and you share many common thoughts and interests, you belong to one another. Then you should come together. My answer is "Slow down." You may not feel for one another and be willing to commit yourselves.They said when you have fallen for someone deeply and you share many common concerns and cares, you are made for one another. Then you should be in the same love boat, ready for lifetime adventure. My answer is "Slow down." Try to be more rational than emotional, your feelings for one another may be short-lived and you may regret your decision later.They said when you have found someone whom you care and who can also take good care of you, you are destined to get married. My answer is "Slow down". Love is not acting in a movie; it is a real life adventure with many feelings and thoughts.Love is not just thoughts. It needs real and everlasting concerns and cares for one another in every aspect of our lives. And it is also the outpouring of our thoughts and feelings.Love is not just feelings. It needs sincere thoughts and wishes for one another. And it requires real actions to bring out that feelings.And love is not just actions. It is actions that are the results of careful thoughts and feelings for one another.Adam yearned for a helper and he found his perfect mate in Eve. Adam called Eve "bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh."Love is a total sacrifice for one another. It requires complete surrender.Love is a full responsibility for one another. It requires total commitment.Love is a genuine concern for one another. It requires sincerity and truth.And love is unconditional.And love is forever.And sometimes love is unthinkable, unreasonable, very emotional, and action-packed.So what is love? Now I am confused.You might also like:Love Is Irresistably DangerousHow Deep Is Your LoveI Thought I Love YouLink Within

What is life?

Jun. 4th 04:31 PM 2010
Hi every body!!!Here You are! Elgar Loregross finaly found the real and hidden meaning of human lives!The Revelation of Eternity or hidden meaning of human livesHave you ever thought about why you become sick – why disasters, calamities and wars occur? Why you were born, who you are, and the purpose of your existence here on earth? Have you ever wondered about the truth – what it is and wherein it lies? By whom it is hidden and why?This first in a series of books elucidates on the hidden purpose of life on earth: on the origins and causes of disease and how to get rid of it: on the real meaning of the commandments and their true values, which until now have remained hidden and encrypted: on their inner sense and the direct impact in relation to diseases. In this book you will discover their hidden essence and its significance for the relationship between man and woman, parents and children and all that surrounds you. Human life is filled with questions to which we can find no answer or explanation. After reading this book, all that was incomprehensible will become understandable and manageable. It is time to raise the invisible curtain that has prevented us from revealing our true selves because our lives have been engulfed by problems, misery and diseases.This, the first book in the series “The Revelation of Eternity”, is going to revolutionise your view of the world. All that you hitherto have regarded as the basis of life will be crushed into insignificance.E.Loregross


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