Oct. 2nd 09:03 PM 2012
hi dear, how re u doing. just checking on you.


Mar. 4th 09:34 AM 2011
so cute u re my dear. i wil lik 2 b ur pal I am just myself, A simple,loving,quiet,romantic young guy with a nice sense of humour. I have great ambition and would love to explore with the help of God.
from ENUGU STATE, NIGERIA, A COMPUTER ENGINER CUM GRAPHIC DESIGNER. lik meeting people. take care of ur self and stay cool


Jul. 12th 12:48 PM 2010
I believe today u will remember Ur quote. let's make today stress free day,make sure u don't stress yourself.this is from a friend who cares.u care to know Tosin by name here is my number.08130235050

Re: he makes me smile, how I wish He's my bf

Nov. 13th 12:52 PM 2009
Hush dear, dont let ur bf hear u, or u might loose him, better still go on ahead, since its me ur speaking of, afterall i've been wanting to steal u away from him

Re: vaccine for HIV, soooo coool.......

Oct. 29th 10:30 AM 2009
It not full proof yet, jst abt 1% effective, its still being worked on, so dearie, we must still play safe


Oct. 14th 10:51 AM 2009
Wish there was the same for Malaria,even typhoid. I've battled wt that too often


Sep. 27th 02:08 PM 2009

Uh huh!

Sep. 4th 02:21 PM 2009
Why wud u eva doubt that? U certainly are destined for gr8 expectations,. Share wt me, wt does ur heart yearn? If i cud, i wud mk it happen: if not, i cud help by giving u advice on hw to go about getting it. Trust me, evry1 has their sunny days, there's light @ ur tunnels end dearie


Aug. 3rd 05:33 AM 2009
Tanx 4 adding, beby 4 closs 2 God, & see d gud changes. cheers

what happened 2 my pic

Jun. 7th 01:06 PM 2009
what d hell happened?cant u fix my pic on,do it now