Just stopped by, how are u? Miss u........

Oct. 12th 02:46 PM 2012
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Oct. 6th 12:18 AM 2012
My dear how are u? Thanks for stopping by dear, longest time ooo. Yes i did check my ymail but no message from u but i did left u a messsage some time ago..


Apr. 24th 10:51 PM 2012
ill be in 9ja in July you know, how many kids ave you got now, lol

Merry christmas

Dec. 24th 04:50 AM 2011
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iyana ipaja

Oct. 6th 12:43 PM 2011
i live in iyana ipaja, aboru inside, my number is 08085483750

My queen

Jul. 28th 10:42 PM 2011
hw ur end? Just dey hola u


Jun. 20th 10:15 AM 2011
hap father dey


Jun. 20th 10:14 AM 2011
hap father dey to u tooo


Jun. 11th 05:31 AM 2011
Grace u r rily good thank God 4 ur mum dat gave u d beauty


Jun. 10th 09:50 PM 2011
na u knw beb