Mar. 22nd 01:03 PM 2011
ds 1 na d crux ba..........??? nope i cant! X is d word! y bring tory wey wan dabaru my present mode of happiness? it isnt worth d trouble! if he were dt jovial, gud, caring, x etc......... where is he today.

just let goooooooooooooooooooooo

how i u

Aug. 20th 10:38 PM 2010
Thx u

Hello Priscilla,

Jul. 13th 06:25 PM 2010
Hello Priscilla,
I thank you again for wishing me happy Monday
Enjoy life and remain blessed.

Hello Priscilla,

Jul. 7th 06:03 PM 2010
Hello Priscilla,
Thanks a lot for the birthday gift you sent to me,
I will live to still appreciate it any time, any day!
Enjoy life and remain blessed.


Jun. 3rd 01:46 PM 2010
yahoo man


Mar. 23rd 12:05 AM 2010
Dear Friend
Greetings to you! I'm happy to meet you on this site. I believe you too will like to be my friend!
I will like to hear from you. You can visit my blog at and make your comments
Mike Omoasegun