You are vrema prty my dear

Oct. 3rd 03:14 PM 2012
Take good care of yourself okay

happy birthday

Nov. 19th 08:13 PM 2011

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Aug. 25th 01:45 PM 2011
Na wao u no dey hala person.

beautifully made

Jun. 27th 08:21 PM 2011
nothing do you

hi cheri,

Jan. 10th 05:20 PM 2011
hope we get to be great friends.about me:am 31years old, am an ict consultant whose work carries him around alot.i like honest,loyalty from my friends and family becos am a firm believer of treating people the same way i would like them to treat me.i dislike selfishness,pride and anger.i believe everybody and everything in life is about the choices we hobbies are swimming,dancing,watching movies and having regular cookouts for my friends(cooking).am from a family of three kids two guys and a my family alot even though we in different countries we communication often.unfortunately am not a big fan of football becos growing up my mom was the football fan in the house and made learn how to cook during football matches.i speak French,a little Spanish and Japanese.hope to hear from you soon.chao


Oct. 28th 02:23 PM 2010
Tnx for the confirmation, bless u..................


Sep. 16th 04:23 AM 2010
hello baby your ok i u

thx for the add

Jun. 6th 10:59 PM 2010


Mar. 24th 09:56 AM 2010
Tanx 4 d add!!!

hello babe

Mar. 23rd 11:49 AM 2010
i just wana say welcome to naijapals have fun