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Mar. 21st 08:17 AM 2019
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Apr. 30th 12:22 AM 2011
how u doin,longtym av been here,how u doin,am sure u'v turnd out to be a big gurl nw,u left a comment and said ma pics reminds u of a frnd,which frnd oo..


Apr. 26th 10:50 PM 2011
just passing are you?

where in Texas

Apr. 6th 04:57 AM 2011
which part of Texas are u. Came to Texas last year, stayed in Dallas, also went to Houston, Plano and Arlington


Mar. 19th 12:36 PM 2011
u look really amazing


Feb. 10th 06:16 PM 2011
ya, this 4 ur complement

see later

Feb. 10th 11:14 AM 2011
see later or call 08039269817


Feb. 7th 08:09 PM 2011


Feb. 3rd 03:11 PM 2011
Tnx for the confirmation, remain blessed.

u've spoken

Sep. 19th 12:09 PM 2010
but of d spirit