nothing dey my sis

Sep. 28th 04:03 PM 2011
although new people don dey join with quantum now ooooooo. i usaully come here to watch pics though. try it u will like it too


Sep. 1st 03:25 AM 2011
same goes fo ma other fewnds i appre lancaster stupendously admire yor fwendship. stay fly..

nice pix

Jul. 23rd 09:30 AM 2011
i love ur pix, i wish i could get a copy. just send a sms to 08091967156 so i could get ur number

thanks dear for the compliments

Jul. 7th 04:41 PM 2011
haba where u kon go since wey i kon dey look around for u. nothing special happed sha just the normal normal naijapals how is ur summer going?


Jun. 30th 03:22 PM 2011
travelling ke! from where to where lllols,thank God u r back sha...i hope u brought goodies for me o otherwise i will tell on u. welcome.

girl where u at?

May. 31st 04:54 AM 2011
we dey miss ur absent ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. bring ur ass back here oo lol


Apr. 7th 03:35 PM 2011
hope u dey fine.


Mar. 11th 12:24 AM 2011


Feb. 19th 05:42 PM 2011

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sis how u dey?

Jan. 31st 03:08 AM 2011
longest time ooooo watin dey shele?happy sunday