Aug. 31st 01:03 AM 2011
same goes fo ma other fewnds i appre lancaster stupendously admire yor fwendship. stay fly..


Mar. 29th 11:31 PM 2011
na women full yha top pals lik dis, hahaha u b original female rappa.


Mar. 29th 11:29 PM 2011
thx ma guy, i sweaar i no sabi yhu at all wif dis pix. anyhw i hail. hp u dey.

For Real?

Mar. 23rd 06:59 PM 2011
Djosh no tell me say u be Nwa afo? Brotherly Udo just full my side n u?


Mar. 17th 12:51 PM 2011
Wetin dey?


Feb. 24th 02:36 PM 2011
May God Help them

Yu' re Very Welcome... And No Be Lie ooo My Brotha

Feb. 4th 04:45 PM 2011
When those two Enter the Game together, Defenders will be on Serious Trouble


Feb. 2nd 11:24 PM 2011
Yu Share the Same Birthday with my Mom :)


Happy Birthday Brotha... Wish yu the Best Of Fun Man

ma persona man

Jan. 6th 01:47 AM 2011
i hail u.. happy new yr. i lament u at dis time.. dis hr.. dis day.......yo life is made for greatness fo shaw.

Thanx my Man... Happy New year to yu too

Dec. 31st 01:57 PM 2010
We go Find Another Excellent Coach soon enough