Happy Birthday BrightBoi

Feb. 19th 06:50 AM 2011

Happy 2011
Hope a perfect day
is in the stars
for someone
as special
as you!

Much Love to You! Thanks.
Quinn-Maybach :-)

The secret of socrates

May. 4th 10:47 AM 2010
In talking wiv people,don't begin by discussing tha tins on which u differ rather begin by emphasizing-and kip on emphasizing-tha tins on which u agree.kip emphasizin,if possible,dat u r both striving for tha same end nd that ur difference is one of method and nt of purpose.

Get tha oda person saying "YES,YES"at tha outset.kip ur opponent,if possible,frm saying"NO".A "NO" response accordin 2 Socrates is a most difficult handicap to overcome.Tha psyche patterns of a person saying "NO" and rily means it,it is no longa a two lettered word;tha whole persons anatomy gathers itself 2geda into a condition of rejection.
So next tym when we r temptd 2 tell sum1 they r wrong,let us rememba gud old Socrates nd ask a gentle ?...... a ? dat wil get tha "yes,yes" response