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Nov. 10th 01:42 PM 2010

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Dec. 23rd 04:49 PM 2009
God's love is spread here on Earth,
Through human hearts and hands.
When we reach out to help others,
His love felt amongst us expands.

So spread His love to all you know,
By touching others with your heart.
And be there to lend a helping hand,
If their world should ever fall apart.

Share the love God gave us within,
Make this world a better place to be.
A world so rich with love and caring,
That even those blind to it, can see.

Open your heart, and arms to all,
No matter what differences there are.
As love can cross so many bridges,
There's no distance that's ever too far.

God's love, His most beautiful gift,
Given to all, who walk upon His land.
Spread His love while here on Earth,
Through your heart, and your hands

Merry Xmas to You!