Apr. 10th 10:31 PM 2011
u are lookin gud....


Jan. 15th 05:06 PM 2011

Cute Comments

Just stoped by 2 show

May. 30th 03:40 PM 2010
Happy sunday,
mekxo checking on u , with much love.
you are blessed.

Mekxo checking on you

May. 17th 08:39 PM 2010
How are you?
You are blessed.

Hi sis

Apr. 6th 11:00 AM 2010
Hope u had avery wonderful Easter celebration,
Stay blessed, 1 Love.

I realy appreciate ur help.

Mar. 24th 09:32 AM 2010
Stay blessed.


Mar. 23rd 09:01 AM 2010
..Another new hit tracks( JUDI )( You are so beautiful)newly uploaded, pls check it out...here or check it out ( www.myspace,com/mekxo )Thanks 4 doing so..Mekxo say so....

Hi gil

Mar. 20th 12:57 AM 2010
Thanks 4 adding me,
Be alway welcome 2 my page.
Stay blessed.