lol yes oo na u run live us here now

Jul. 7th 05:04 PM 2011
how is ur end?

Hay, thanx 4 checkin up on me :)

Jul. 4th 12:12 AM 2011
Am fine, not too bad..... Hw'v u been?

Hi Ayo

May. 17th 12:59 PM 2011
Have a nice day


Apr. 2nd 12:41 PM 2011
Am so sorry about that,it was too late,take a good care of yourself


Feb. 14th 07:47 PM 2011
happy val

studies dey oooo

Jan. 14th 05:44 PM 2011
school never resume sha so all man dey find wahala up and down nii. i get partiners in crime too lol


Jan. 12th 11:20 PM 2011
Nt much 2 say about it... Apart 4rm da old thng "its tierin, its jz too much". Ma lyf isn+da fun u c...

my friend ooooooo how u dey

Jan. 12th 03:27 AM 2011
long time no hear. she e wapa? alright just showing some love ni sha oooo lol

Good... Its good dat ur good. Lol

Jan. 9th 11:32 PM 2011
I knw nt bad can mean nt good. buh am jz aight


Jan. 8th 11:32 PM 2011
Nt bad.... U?