happy birthday

Jul. 20th 11:26 AM 2012

Nne ibu so mma

Jun. 6th 01:47 AM 2012
What can i call u now,since so many guys here has taken my favourite angel,but i must call u somtin..........ugo mma idi uto mmmuaah


Sep. 30th 04:07 PM 2011
u look good.

happy birthday my dear

Jul. 20th 06:19 PM 2011


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hi angel

May. 14th 11:05 AM 2011
hw are u doin i hop u are fin angel i saw ur pic and i wl lik 2 no more abt u if u dnt mind

U too much

Jan. 18th 12:46 PM 2011
Nne, I say u too much. Abeg enjoy life ojare

Encountered with love of God

Sep. 27th 06:25 PM 2010
Blessed are those who did not see but yet belief


Apr. 23rd 03:24 PM 2010
quite an age, hope you are cool. Cheers!

How are you doing?

Mar. 8th 02:39 PM 2010
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Feb. 10th 08:57 PM 2010
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