na so

Sep. 6th 08:26 AM 2010
real tlk man. Spoken well...........

me,mmyself & i

Nov. 10th 03:27 PM 2009
respect is reciprocal!

m BrEaThInG wELL........

Nov. 4th 09:49 PM 2009
m positive,cool,m loud out lyk your speaker,i can b d best as gud,1 tins you don't fail wit me is 2 change 4rm b yourself,i lyk originality of a man kind n i hate pple 2 kind,jus b normal! all ll lyk 2 kiss me more!!! m bReAtHiN well!

m myself n u can never b me neither jugde me cos u dont knw!

Nov. 1st 12:24 AM 2009
m simple,gentle ........joker,playful........kind,frdly......smtyms funny.
it may interest u dat smtyms tins result to burn out of anger!
tak me s i m!!!
you may lyk me or hate me,it is normal!!!