big bros

Apr. 5th 11:58 AM 2010
how re u doing?n how re we celebrating our birthday?

hello pal

Aug. 8th 02:58 PM 2009
whatsup with u.

i aint

Jul. 5th 02:59 PM 2009


Jul. 1st 04:25 PM 2009
caesar u will neva cease to amuse me


Jul. 1st 02:59 PM 2009
u told me u will come to VI waited cld not c u. wot happened?


Jun. 15th 04:52 PM 2009
happy bilated birthday Caesar

god go provide oh

Jun. 6th 06:37 PM 2009
i mean he will help u


Apr. 29th 01:36 PM 2009
hope d hrt is no more on rent or is it on lease now? lol! pls do allow people to rent, lease or buy. lol! 08037414771


Apr. 28th 08:14 AM 2009
Caesar i don do now! since no body wan rent ur hrt make u carry on ok! lol!