Will you tell me

Dec. 26th 02:39 AM 2009

To You

Dec. 23rd 12:15 AM 2009
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To you

Dec. 22nd 10:56 PM 2009
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Hey Uchenna

Dec. 21st 06:04 AM 2009
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To start your week off right,

Dec. 14th 04:04 AM 2009
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here is

Dec. 14th 03:46 AM 2009
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E ku odun, e ku lye'dun!

Dec. 14th 03:43 AM 2009
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Merry Christmas Myspace Comments

hi collins

Dec. 12th 08:30 PM 2009
thanks for the mail...how are you?have a wonderful weekend


Dec. 11th 08:55 PM 2009
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Enjoy your weekend

Dec. 5th 03:21 AM 2009
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