that good baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct. 24th 02:51 PM 2010
that a sweettt one keep it upz


Jul. 21st 10:55 AM 2010
Be omo 9ja no matter what. How are you doing?

hi gurl

Apr. 1st 08:47 PM 2010

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just came to

Mar. 7th 04:35 PM 2010
se for myself...nice profile...hop u ok...kissflames in da building

hapi new yr sis

Jan. 20th 03:54 PM 2010
its bin a while.ope u doin u thing right&enjoyin ur stuff.hw is d yr rollin by for u.ope all is gud.av fun&enjoy urself.

hi babe

Nov. 28th 07:06 PM 2009
why dont reply ma msgs


Oct. 13th 11:52 AM 2009

hi cutie

Jul. 29th 03:23 PM 2009
how are u doing...just showin some is uk...and how is da skool over there??
take care ...

U re kool

Jul. 17th 04:53 AM 2009
Hi dear


Jul. 2nd 12:55 PM 2009
you are cool,and you are are a passion of a rose that rise in the bloos of love.can you send me your caller id so that i can contact you.this is mine +22998344505.KEEP COOL .DESTINEE by name.ready to read from you