Nov. 17th 12:12 PM 2017


May. 29th 05:34 AM 2016
Hello dear, HBD and God bless.


Nov. 20th 08:26 AM 2014
passing through to sending you my love! stay blessed and remain sweet........

May. 26th 07:39 AM 2013
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Feb. 3rd 11:49 AM 2012
Helo lychi.


Oct. 26th 07:43 PM 2010
Been a long tyme babe bt i got som 4 ya, My new song on a href="" class="nplink" target="_blank"


May. 7th 03:58 PM 2010
Tnx for the confirmation, remain blessed. 'Ve nice wknd.


Feb. 17th 07:39 AM 2010
im finally adding u since forever, sry it took forever


Dec. 27th 01:51 AM 2009
just to tell u that u are the angel that i am looking 4 all days of my life

hey prety

Dec. 14th 04:51 PM 2009
u got nice profile wit luvly pics lol