my victor

May. 26th 08:47 PM 2014
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May. 22nd 01:22 AM 2013

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Happy Sunday

Mar. 3rd 10:22 AM 2013
Hi Image


Feb. 16th 11:56 AM 2013
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thanks for stopping by

Jan. 25th 11:49 PM 2013

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i see you

Jan. 25th 11:46 PM 2013

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Dec. 21st 06:58 PM 2012
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Aug. 6th 11:47 PM 2012
hi how r u

My birthday is coming soon ...

Apr. 26th 01:48 AM 2011
My birthday is less than 24 hours, am nervous already, lol ... I think is excitement.

awww thanks Vic

Nov. 25th 06:03 PM 2010
and I know that feeling only to well with so much work stress....hehe, it is hard to take it easy when all you want to do is survive until the light is shining bright at the end of the tunnel...x