May. 16th 01:46 AM 2014
Hello , it' s been long ?
Wc side re u en ?


Mar. 16th 03:33 AM 2014
very tough with that building blowing up


Apr. 26th 07:05 AM 2013
How u been? ma apologies for da late reply, haven't been on here in a while..

So wat school u be at? nd yea I skype, add me @jaywhizz when u get a chance.

u re nt my type

Apr. 18th 10:04 PM 2013
u re nt my type


Jan. 12th 01:51 PM 2013
happy nu yr to yu too... i'm guessin ur holiday was great?

aint nun really

Dec. 20th 11:53 AM 2012
chillin as always.. wats up wit yu, how u been?


Aug. 28th 12:38 PM 2012
Hi PerfectDiva dear, could i have the honour of having ur fone digits please?please madmuzelle, am on my knees,.....u cld kindly buzz me on 08070709693, or 07039810971by the way, check dis out...http://incomepart.com/ref.php?page=act/ref

wad up......

Aug. 8th 06:55 PM 2012


Jul. 5th 10:54 AM 2012
can i get 2 knw u?


Jun. 20th 11:55 AM 2012
Where's d funny stuff at ?