Happy Weekend

Mar. 5th 08:28 PM 2011
Rihane,Its great to be alive.Dont worry, Be happy.Avoid situations that could raise your stress level.Cheers and God Bless.Segun.www.bakersanddecors.com.ng

Personalized Cake Ideas for Any Occasion

Feb. 20th 02:52 PM 2011
Hi Onwubiko,Howz work?Top of the day to you. The essense of an event planner cannot be kept aside for a very successful and stress-free event.BAKERS


Aug. 22nd 05:29 PM 2010
re u on facebook.if yes can u give me ur id plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz;


Aug. 19th 07:35 PM 2010
thank u.well doin great n u?have a nice day

hi baby

Jul. 5th 04:33 PM 2010
so how udey ope fine lollllllllllllllll


Jun. 16th 09:59 AM 2010
got dat.


Jun. 15th 05:53 PM 2010


Jun. 15th 12:24 AM 2010
u knw i lyk flavour....his damn HAWTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nufin jare!

May. 30th 12:17 AM 2010
am oh.kay!!

Rily long tym

May. 25th 05:46 AM 2010
Hw r u doin?ope all is gud wit u.av a gr8 wk