happy birthday

Oct. 19th 10:46 PM 2011


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Oct. 19th 07:33 PM 2010
Hello baby how are you doing today?hope all are well?


Oct. 13th 08:37 PM 2010
Baby have never know someone like you will be on this site well maybe because am new,so how are you doing hope to be a friend of yours forever if you wont mind..........Are you on facebook?


Sep. 18th 09:22 PM 2010
You look lovely and much more than sexy my dear..................

Hi beautiful one

Mar. 23rd 08:56 AM 2010
..Another new hit tracks( JUDI )( You are so beautiful)newly uploaded, pls check it out...here or check it out ( www.myspace,com/mekxo )Thanks 4 doing so..Mekxo say so..


Mar. 3rd 02:24 AM 2010
how are you doing

Hi Sweet

Sep. 26th 01:04 PM 2009
How are U ?


Jun. 20th 05:18 PM 2009
hi, what is it to watch, i like to look with great honour


May. 26th 10:44 PM 2009
sup with u?

happy sunday

May. 24th 03:30 PM 2009