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Mar. 15th 03:27 PM 2020
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my nigga

May. 6th 12:20 PM 2017
how una dey ? longest time ever ... just say make i hail you. hope you are hearing from earlycame and shanique ?


Dec. 16th 11:13 PM 2016
naijapals needs to give u award " oldest naijapals user"

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Nov. 9th 08:21 AM 2014
How u dey ? longest time will be an understatement


Oct. 5th 01:56 AM 2013
officer apprehenol,
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Aug. 27th 03:13 PM 2013
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Jul. 31st 08:11 PM 2013
Longest time!!! Long live mr lancaster.

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Jul. 30th 05:11 PM 2013
Wetin I do U?


Jul. 29th 05:32 AM 2013
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