why u do not like to show your face in pics,even the face showed at long last how do we believe that

Mar. 8th 03:00 PM 2011
listen my dear friend kindly always put your face to when ever u are taking a pic because it is important for u to always be yourself,secondly where do u base i would have like to know more about you,u can provide your e,mail for me to chating soon ok?

i need to know more about you?

Mar. 5th 11:38 PM 2011
Good my dear how are we going to do things for it to be easy with us,so where do u base presently,i need to know more about you it will be very ok.

nice wall you have here

Dec. 8th 06:48 PM 2009
you have done a really nice job on you wall.
i was hoping to have a chat with you but i dont have any means.
can i have any of it?mail address

Na WaO

Nov. 17th 10:01 AM 2009
baby GiRl long time, or are you banned from naijapals


Nov. 14th 08:38 PM 2009
baby girl I'm just cool


Oct. 24th 10:33 AM 2009
love that pix.... but your characters is not like the senseless Government in Nigeria that celebrated Nigeria at 49 with ASU Strike as their breakfast

hey mami

Oct. 23rd 03:21 PM 2009
you should have more of those smile on you.................


Sep. 3rd 09:57 AM 2009
Hello thanks and sure i am just being ma self okay..... and how re u doing?


Aug. 25th 05:47 PM 2009
hw r u..guess u r cool??

Yes - actually 2

Aug. 25th 08:33 AM 2009
Ive seen men crying..... in a movie