Jun. 28th 10:23 PM 2009
jenny nne u no bad oooo but where u dey come be my problem

hello my dear. whatz up. is been so long.

Feb. 4th 04:16 PM 2009

Showing Some Love Comments - Showing Some Love Comments


Jan. 9th 05:31 PM 2009

Friends Comments - Friends Comments


May. 19th 09:14 AM 2008 myspace graphic comments
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Thankz Girl

May. 19th 09:10 AM 2008
Your Quote is the word for sure
Big up.....and
Eh is that ur kitchen or ur office.?

hey miss pretty.............

May. 15th 08:35 PM 2008
keep smiling, it looks good on u..............


May. 13th 10:23 PM 2008
I'm looking forward to meet u online


May. 6th 04:32 PM 2008
........Interested in adding you to my pals' list.
Looking forward>>>.....

hello akoka

Apr. 25th 11:41 AM 2008
are u also scared of perfection? don't need to answer that. sure you can add me as ur pal

Ezeorah! you cool.

Apr. 25th 11:26 AM 2008
tell all you friends to neva try to be perfect. I like what you just said. But be one thing that will keep you going. BE SMART POSITIVELY. i HAVE just two friends naijapals. do you care I add you?????????????????