Happy Birth Day, wishing more, more and many years ahead.

Jan. 28th 10:25 AM 2011
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Jul. 5th 12:25 PM 2010
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Oh boy

Jan. 4th 05:38 AM 2010
The xmas is ova ba. Sha read ur books and be a good boy.

wat a coincidence

Dec. 7th 10:11 PM 2009
i jst came back online, hw is J-town bro, hp d new season is lively takia man C


Nov. 1st 10:29 PM 2009
hapi new month

yahyah neee

Oct. 26th 07:13 PM 2009
hw has it bin pally takia


Sep. 22nd 03:21 PM 2009


Sep. 14th 01:01 PM 2009
thank God there is still someone out there dats happy and proud to be a nigerian inspite of all the problems we are fgacing in this country

Haba Mallam!!!

Aug. 30th 11:22 AM 2009
Ba gesua ko yaya ne, enjoy your wkend.


Aug. 16th 05:58 PM 2009
tanx. long tyme