Hi Son

Jul. 5th 05:13 PM 2011
wats ur face book id pls...?

watz ur fb id

Jun. 8th 05:49 PM 2011
miss u son

dear son

Jan. 29th 11:53 AM 2011
happy new year and hw ar u doing?

hey dear

Jul. 5th 09:33 AM 2010
nothing much is happnin..just school.work and music..not easy though but hangin on..hope u r doing culll

hey big bro

Apr. 1st 09:08 AM 2010
longest time, hope u r cool... have a pleasant easter break


Feb. 5th 08:21 AM 2010
form the ragga girl,,,, hope u r doing fine .. great wekend bro

my best bro

Dec. 23rd 05:53 PM 2009
hope u have done ya Christmas shopping----merry Christmas and new year in advance

Compliments of d season ma dear broda

Dec. 12th 04:34 PM 2009
hw ar u preparing for the xmas?
takie bro

hahahahah miss ma big bro

Dec. 12th 11:19 AM 2009
dr thomas sends his greeting, music is done, promotion is going on hehehehe, very soon money will flow, stay coom. have a blessed wekend

funny u

Dec. 8th 08:45 PM 2009
thanks for the comment though, ehen, now u are talking lol. hope u are catching ur fun though. have a lovely night