eeenh een!

Dec. 31st 10:37 AM 2009
if i call you now how much i go get frm you shear? am sorry i can not make either phone sex or sex with you because my sometin is borrow out for important job!

God cares

Dec. 29th 01:51 PM 2009
Kate Baby, only God can forgive sins. D Bible says come unto me all ye labour $ are heavy ladden $ I will give u rest. Give your life to Jesus.


Dec. 19th 11:14 PM 2009
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Dec. 9th 04:48 PM 2009
how ar you........................

hEllo Kate,

Nov. 11th 10:59 PM 2009
We make mistakes and if we are wise, we learn from the mistakes. Nothing compares to a good and decent life. Try and live a decent life. Life is hope. You are beautiful! All you need do is take care of yourself. GOD the ALMIGHTY FATHER is waiting to forgive and accept you.

perseverance will bring you success! Just pray for a good life!


Oct. 7th 04:25 AM 2009

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no way

Oct. 6th 07:59 PM 2009
i just dnt belive this is for real.
first of all how do we knw that this is really kate that posted this.lets take a different twist to this story. even if she did it wld she really put her profile pics ther and write quyote on quote i love fne sex.
2ndly the married man was not forced into sex.the wife shld b bicthing at him and handle her business at home.if it is as they say it happened then they guy must really love her which in that case there is no point to fuss as they can make things up.hmmmmmmmn it all seems too fisshy to me


Oct. 3rd 12:34 PM 2009

r u serious kate?

Sep. 29th 04:13 PM 2009
d code is dont get caught, guess u must hav som ragin sex hormones, im not tryin 2 be judgemental, but i knw we all hav sexual fantasies & its not bad takin sex 2 d nxt level, som of use are even nymphomaniacs, but u wud hav done it wiv ur fiance, why did u agree 2 marry him if u knew u neva luved him 2 explore wiv him and also if u knew he cant satify ur urge 4 sex? well i guess he wuznt ur better half becos u wud hav stil cheated after gettin married....but lets face it do u knw ur a black woman better stil a nigerian? i wud hav felt pity 4 u becos u lost on all sides, but wot were u tinkin be4 postin ur hardcore sexual explicit on here why dint u jst deal wiv it wiv ur close friends? did u tink u wud get a trophy 4 doin so? cos dis is not a fetish site... well ur simply jst miserable u need councellin, i jst hope d guys on here dont get excited n start callin dat num cos i believe it belongs 2 day mans wife, u jst want 2 distroy his home 2, howeva...but i wud suggest u tk dis as a lesson learn n move on even if it hurts, considerin ur age use d few yrs u hav wisely, ur lucky it wuznt HIV u caught rather than loosin ur fiance.

sex and phone

Sep. 29th 02:55 PM 2009
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