[email protected]

Oct. 5th 01:32 PM 2016
' [email protected] ' It' s my pleasure to mail you today,please try to write me back here on my email I.D or you drop your EMAIL so that i can get back to you through your EMAIL. Miss Stephanie .

lollzzzzz, mr clown

Apr. 2nd 01:02 PM 2009
u don come again , wats up !!!!!!

my clown oooooo !!!!!

Mar. 30th 07:06 PM 2009
lmaooowetin dey happen ooo, hw u doing , hope u good ??

I' m fine thanks....

Mar. 18th 11:28 AM 2009

mr clown

Mar. 16th 04:11 PM 2009
wats up with ya ????

i' m cool mr. clown

Mar. 7th 01:18 PM 2009
what about u?

mr clown

Feb. 26th 04:49 PM 2009
u are a clown indeed , lol wats up ?????

I' m

Feb. 24th 10:43 AM 2009
cool mr. Clown....
How are u doing too?


Feb. 21st 10:58 AM 2009
a lot for the compliment clown.....thanks!

Hi Clown!

Feb. 20th 03:06 PM 2009
!st of all, why are u a faceless clown.....and we're not twins that girl and i.
We are just friends. She's a member of my church...