hey steph

Jul. 14th 05:00 PM 2009
how have you been ? lt's been a while. just wanna say hi. stay cool!


Jun. 28th 12:38 PM 2009

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@ status

Jun. 12th 11:21 AM 2009
mmmmmmmm, na wa oo.......hope all is well sha

aawwww, thnks

Jun. 4th 08:59 AM 2009
hope u r fine sha?


Jun. 3rd 09:25 AM 2009
its been a long time...i'm still looking forward to talking to you on phone.how have you been?

Hey Stephy!

Jun. 2nd 11:49 AM 2009
How are u doin hope all is movin fine. at status u are lookin 4 someone,can u pls explain and tell me what are u lookin 4......?have a nice day and tk care


May. 30th 02:54 PM 2009
course am ok,u re theone that forgot me

thnx dear!

May. 30th 01:24 PM 2009
I'm happy to hear from you. hope you've been fine? Happy wkend!

heyyy gurrrlll

May. 29th 06:57 PM 2009
wats up?


May. 14th 04:07 PM 2009
How are you doing? hope ur great?
Just checking on you. Take care!