May. 11th 04:29 PM 2013
your welcome......thanks for d compliment as well


May. 11th 08:58 AM 2013


Apr. 26th 10:02 PM 2013
Busy is good lol


Apr. 26th 09:31 AM 2013
I'm pretty good, how are you? Been busy?

douglasville actually

Apr. 26th 08:16 AM 2013
wic is abt 10-15 drive frm metro area


Apr. 1st 05:58 AM 2013
off 78 highway

yea goin bac to sch mon :(

Jan. 25th 07:11 AM 2013
do u skype?

happy new yr

Jan. 12th 02:33 AM 2013
have been good


Dec. 24th 08:58 AM 2012
yep...now they will start researching why it didnt happen and come up with another date...geeshh HUMANS...God is just shaking his head in heaven...."Forgive them for they know not what they do"

long time

Dec. 17th 09:26 PM 2012
whats up