I hail oo

Jun. 27th 09:57 AM 2013
longest time bro

I came around

Mar. 21st 02:04 PM 2013
how u dey?


Jul. 25th 11:17 PM 2012
what aroma....i hope its off egusi and fufu...LMAO


Jul. 24th 02:16 AM 2012

Happy Birthday Eromzy

Apr. 24th 08:53 PM 2012
how hve u been, hope u are okay...have a good birthday may God grant u ur heart desire and give u long life and prosperity

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hey eromsy

Oct. 6th 10:58 PM 2011
how u doing, long time no see, no talk, hope all is well


Jan. 6th 06:31 PM 2011
happy new yr. i lament u at dis time.. dis hr.. dis day.......yo life is made for greatness fo shaw


Nov. 12th 12:51 AM 2010
rite bac @ ya.. respect. (reloaded). hahahhahahahahahahaha

hello bro

Nov. 1st 07:18 PM 2010
longest time..hope you ok


Nov. 1st 05:42 AM 2010
Didn't kno u were still online mister..anyways, send ur number.