Apr. 11th 07:16 PM 2010
thanx for the pic comment hun...

look pretty and hope ur good?

Oct. 16th 03:54 PM 2009
Good Weekend MySpace Comment


Jun. 15th 08:59 AM 2009
ur head right


Jun. 5th 12:03 PM 2009
Soory for my late acknowledgement. All the same, THANKS A BUNCH


May. 24th 10:04 AM 2009
wat is it? wud wana chat wit u...u can sedn it to me thru mail iif u want

im gud too

May. 23rd 03:27 PM 2009
do u av aim or yahoo?

Good Evening! Could you please scratch my back?

May. 23rd 06:18 AM 2009
Good Evening!Could you please scratch my back?I have an awful itch!Thank you.That's much better.Now back to the business at hand.I've been dying to send you a postcard! I have something very important to tell you! Ready?Come Closer, please! Happy Halloween!Rahahahhahaha!


May. 22nd 06:36 AM 2009
hey wasup..how u doing friend?


May. 18th 06:27 PM 2009
dro ur no and lets see how i'll set u ablaze......its real, dont dout me ok


May. 8th 06:06 PM 2009
den mail me