Jun. 27th 09:58 AM 2013
almost 2 yrs now oo

na wa oo

Mar. 21st 02:05 PM 2013
longest time

Hey Exotic babe,

Dec. 27th 08:34 AM 2012
How have you been? Its been a while i heard from you. Season greetings to you, cheers!

Happy birt day.

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Hey Exotic!

Oct. 23rd 09:03 AM 2010
I am so sorry about the In-repairable lost of your dad. Take it easy on yourself. God knows the best.


Oct. 14th 05:49 PM 2010
Sorry my Dear!

Pls Take Heart Dear

Oct. 14th 04:39 PM 2010
Just Try and Be Positive in Thought


Oct. 14th 04:37 PM 2010
Ouch!! Ayaaa, Dat's Sad :( ... l Dunno how l'm Gonna Console yu Now oo My Love... l Hope God Will Give yu the Strength to Handle it

l'm Fine Love

Sep. 22nd 05:22 PM 2010
Just having Busy Times... How are ya Babe?


Aug. 24th 02:49 PM 2010
Why yu no go Disappear when yu no dey miss me again?

How are yu Sweetie?