Jul. 21st 10:52 AM 2010
S2S, How are you doing?

hi hun

Apr. 1st 08:46 PM 2010

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hi connielet

Mar. 17th 05:28 PM 2010
how are doing is been a long tym?

Just like dat?????

Mar. 5th 02:16 AM 2010
Yeah!Sexy lips kinda remind me of my lips...Huhh.Try na remind me things that i have 4gotten long ago..Yep!!!

Hi ma sweet conny

Mar. 2nd 01:21 PM 2010
How u dey? babe hp everything is alright? takie luv


Feb. 22nd 04:48 PM 2010
whatzup babe it quiet a long tym


Jan. 16th 10:42 AM 2010
where r u? it been long babe

whats up girl

Jan. 11th 11:10 PM 2010


Jan. 9th 11:42 PM 2010

hey connie

Dec. 21st 07:28 PM 2009
I wish u merry xmas n prosperous brand New year in Advance. its alway ma praya dat luv, peace