Oct. 7th 05:32 PM 2012
are welcome.

wishing u a

Oct. 5th 12:01 PM 2012
happy birthday.


Jul. 8th 07:49 PM 2012
Small boy


Jun. 21st 07:22 PM 2012
big boy how far


May. 1st 04:58 PM 2012
hey hey nwa olee,,,hahaha wetin dey nah?longest tym my man wetin dey hapen ur side ooooooo hahaha very happy to hear from u ma'en. how ur family nah?? i can c God dey with una


Apr. 29th 01:49 PM 2012
oga how far na wait d hep for guangzhou city

Nwa NNe' m

Apr. 24th 01:16 AM 2011
I'm Wishing You the best Easter Ever With Full Basket Of JOY + LoVE And GoD's Favor ..... HAPPY EASTER !!


Mar. 29th 04:43 PM 2011
My chairman ...i dey o! ....how your side na ??.... me i just hide myself for some where since ....hope all is well ?.


Mar. 24th 03:10 AM 2011
How far ??.... you get small Egwusi for your House ??..


Oct. 29th 04:24 PM 2010
where have u been nwanne.i can see u busy collectin some cash is good
just that been long time never heard from u,nice to hear from u again
enjoy ur weekend and remain bless