Jul. 2nd 09:50 AM 2019
You saw my profile for the first time and you love it. You suddenly want to entrust something of such with a stranger. You would've introduced yourself first, demand for my phone number so we talk one on one, we get to know each other to an extent before flying such a kite.If you are GENUINE, I am sorry I can't take up such offer. If you are FAKE I assure you that you are just a learner. I am an Igbo lady, we've uped our game. No shaking! Contact me for training.

I love your profile

Jun. 24th 02:12 PM 2019
Hello, My name is Jane Valerian from America, I love your profile and i will like to employ you in my charity work, I am ready to donate some money for you to carry on the work in your coun try. Please reply to my mail address: ( [email protected] ) for privacy so that i will give you further details and tell you about myself

Season greetings

Jun. 24th 12:02 PM 2019
Hi how is New York generally, I want you to be my pals friend