Jun. 15th 08:21 PM 2012
Just stopping thru to see how u are doing.......be blessed!

happy birthday

Oct. 1st 09:48 AM 2011
baby be happy

It' s My Birthday Peep~~~~~!!!

Sep. 28th 08:51 PM 2011
Oh yeah common that's a party big time......Happy Birthday To You Ms. Ruty Rowland!!!


Jun. 18th 09:45 PM 2011
how are you


May. 28th 01:19 PM 2011
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May. 19th 06:56 AM 2011
Tanxs 4 d add takia wit regards

hello dear

May. 4th 07:55 PM 2011
thx 4 the add sweetie


Mar. 26th 10:14 PM 2011
hi pretty! i thank you most...how are you doing? well i can see you are shining!!! stay tight with care.


Feb. 26th 09:19 PM 2011
hi how are you... :)

hi expresslady

Nov. 22nd 08:37 PM 2008
hi sexy how u doing and how is your beautiful body, am so happy to av u as my pal thanks just keep it up av a great, lovely, nice and wonderful weekend, i love u so much and i will always keep on loving u