Geoffy G - Busy Bee Hot Flashes (No Gain Remix)

Naija man Geoffy G is back with a new music video for his fans. He's competing in a contest in Canada for Busy Bee Hot Flashes. An online clothing store. The artist wrote a song for the company and decided to shoot an low budget music video. ''Busy Bee Hot Flashes'', is a remix of hit track ''No Gain'' (Nigeria). The official music video from No Gain is about to be released in Nigeria. So it's quite unusual that the remix with its video is out before the original. After establishing his entertainment/record company ''Black Star Entertainment'&# 039;. The artist wanted to do something extra for his fans/followers. See the result and forward the music video. Because of the contest many views are needed to be able to win. So be a part of this movement and let's help Geoffy G to win his first music contest on his way to success!

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