Wicked Lineage

Oderaa (Patience Ozokwu) feels oppressed by her husband's first wife who has two sons and a beautiful daughter {Oge Okoye} while she has only two daughters without a male child. Sir omenuko {Zulu Adigwe} wants to be the bread winner of his family, the only person others will always come to for help, no one must out-do him in success, achievements or whatsoever not even his own son's, and to achieve this he must father the first fruit of his son's wives. In wicked linage Oderaa and Omenuko both pour terror on their individual families in their quest to gain wealth and prominence using diabolical powers. How far can they go? And who will curb this wild fire? This intriguing, interesting and captivating story is a fine blend of suspense, passion, comedy, deception, blackmail, tragedy and a commendably original African feel in its depiction. The wicked mustn't go unpunished
Movie Type: Nigerian movie
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