Their (AKI & POPO) father is a scavenger in this comedy movie,When scavenging on a waste dump,he found a portfolio bag and brought it home,when he opened it in front of his wife,They were so surprised that the bag is full of usa dollars,That is were the story began,his wife wanted them to take the money since God have decided to bless them through this means,The man refused maintaining that he might be poor but not a thief,They argued but the man have to hide the money in their one room that they live in as they cannot afford a bigger house.When the man and the woman were out,there two naughty kids(Aki & Popo) found the bag,they could not open it so they use it as a car(toy) playing with it outside the house,they later lost the bag to another desperado.. Starring-Chinedu ikedieze(Aki),Osita Iheme(popo),Ada Ame.. Nollywood Comedy Movie Producer-Nnamdi Felix Ezeamaku Director-Amayo Uzo Philips Ezecutive Producer-Nnamdi Felix Ezeamaku
Movie Type: Nigerian movie
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