Pesin (Remix) - Limerick (YBNL) ft. Olamide (Download + Lyrics)

Pesin (Remix)

Fresh from the stables of YBNL, new signee “Limerick” links up with Olamide to deliver his first official single under the label titled “Pesin“.
Hmnhmnhmn ahahaahaha
EDL- boy; vibrate; hmnehnehnehn
You must hear Pesin now; ahh; oh Gadd
(VERSE 1- Limerick)
Okay; e get this ‘tory I for tell Pesin
No need; I no sure say them go hear Pesin
And if I dey church, I no dey like share testi-mony
Them fit go talk say make I help Pesin
Nowadays, nobody dey fit dey send Pesin [ehn?]
Round-about, beggers dey dey disrespect Pesin [yes!]
One minute you go see say them dey beg Pesin
The next minute, omo, them don begin dey shenk Pesin
Oh my God, they must hear Pesin
They must hear Pesin, they must hear Pesin
They must hear Pesin, [no be lie, they must hear Pesin]
they must hear, ehn; they must hear Pesin
They must hear, ehhh; they must hear Pesin
They must hear Pesin, they must hear Pesin
They must hear Pesin, they must hear Pesin; kai
They must hear Pesin; they gats hear Pesin
They must hear Pesin; you have to hear Pesin
(VERSE 2- Limerick)
Now, listen- me, I no too sabi beg Pesin [never]
But, at least, if I broke, I supposed tell Pesin [ehn ehnn]
Now the problem for this country be say,
if you beg Pesin for money, e go dey get this
little self-esteem; is that so? True or False? True!
No no no; True or False? Answer me make I clear Pesin
[True true true]
Why be say Pesin no dey like dey hear Pesin? [ehn]
We no be deaf and dumb, but still we no dey hear Pesin [ehh]
Okay! See; e get this day when I go near Pesin [near Pesin]
Them be like two chicks; the money wey them get plenty
Na only transport fare I ask; seh I offend Pesin? [ehh]
Them want come finish me with question wey fit wreck Pesin
Them be like: “”hmnnn; you don’t even care to greet;
where do you come from? The South, or The West, or East?
[Abi na North?]; the way you take dey here dey beg money;
what is your name? Hey, champ; where do your parent live?””
Omo, chai; before these people wreck Pesin, I ask my friend
‘Guy, wetin I go tell them chick?’ You know wetin the idiot tell me?
[no no; wetin?] The idiot say him no be Mourinho,
him no sabi defend Pesin [hahaa]
Now, listen- I don dey rap since the genesis [genesis]
Another rapper dey try catch up like nemesis [nemesis]
Na me be Don Dada here cos I dey earn Pesin [yes]
I no dey rap with one style cos I get like 10-techniques [yeba]
I dey rap, I dey sing and I dey sell Pepsi [sell Pepsi]
I dey sell Sim Card and I dey sell Chelsea [sell Chelsea]
I don sell tired; things wey I sell plenty [ehn]
Na small e remain, I supposed don begin sell Pesin
Plus, I be hard core rapper wey dey tear Pesin
All these commercial rappers dey don dey vex Pesin
Cos if I show for inside club, they shark Shepe since
Commercial rappers go enter dey order Hennessy
(Olamide- VERSE 3)
Aii; fine girl, you no dey friend Pesin?
O n fimi se pasko, o tun wa n denge si
You say my nose too big like I be Shrek Pesin
When you dey pass for my street, you no dey check Pesin
Haba; calm down; I no dey fear Pesin
I no be Ogbanje nah; baby near Pesin
All my goons on deck; we no go let Pesin
Don’t disrespect ohh, or we go tear Pesin
Dirty slap wey fit make PSP call Pesin
Say, “bros, you dey owe and you dey dull Pesin”
No dey give us headache oh; Panadol Pesin
Make everybody smile jhor; you no be sure Pesin
Ehh; attention for Oga Pesin [ahh]
Awon eyan B.I.G and 2Pac Pesin
Okay; my squad too lit; no [email protected] Pesin
We dey bomb every site and wey dey [email protected] Pesin
Ahah; wait first, make I remind Pesin
Make them no go dey think say I be one Pesin
Omo kan bi 1 million; I be mad Pesin
They say ‘the good die young’; me, I be bad Pesin
Ahh; Moet dey shine Dom, then the Dom Pérignon it
Kini mo se fun awon boys mehn? Them be telling on me
Them say I’d been with Kim; I’d been with Kunte,
I’d been with Giga, Kukuru ati Yetunde
Them say them playing around; afi bi Diplo
They can’t touch me; am too worst; won ma ni Whitlow
Baba I get patience to give them sick flows and deep flows
to make them panke and tip-toes [oh oh oh ohh]
(VERSE 4- Limerick)
I remember when I get ban, I dey spend them gees
I turn coach, sotey Me I come dey bench Pesin [yeba]
I turn player, and na sege all these girls them see
“Na me be the only player wey no dey wear jersey
Oh Lord; money higher than your self-esteem
[Hunchman ohh; 9jalyrics]
And I dey sort bills even as the girls many
I bet you’ve never seen a fella who could spend like me” [ehn]
Na so me dey take dey brag, until I learn lesson
So, big shout out to those guys wey dey wreck Pesin
Gee boys wey dey work, them no dey tell Pesin
Now, the gbebo be say them no sabi help Pesin
Only thing wey them sabi na to dey flex Pesin
But it’s all good even as them no dey help Pesin
At least them go flex Pesin till your head dirty
Hef Pesin; brain looking like a deaf Pesin
And at this point, omo them fit even sell Pesin; yehh
Them must hear Pesin
Them them them them, them must hear Pesin…

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