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Only U

Only U
by GB Famous

FT_Oyakz & Uzi Quality

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thank god thank god
by Raymoney ft GB FAMOUS
Played 309 times
iwonikan_na only u [prod by ak-smile] iwonikan_na only u [prod by ak-smile]
by JEIBABS ft. AkidBoiz
Played 501 times
iwo nikan_only u iwo nikan_only u
by Jeibabs ft Ak Smile
Played 332 times
iwo nikan_only u iwo nikan_only u
by Jeibabs
Played 203 times
doro bucci (rap version) doro bucci (rap version)
Played 3887 times
only u only u
by Snazy D Ambassador
Played 469 times
pekus pekus
Played 707 times
november november
Played 439 times
kulu bodi kulu bodi
Played 611 times
kulubodi kulubodi
by GB Famous
Played 406 times
breathin' space breathin' space
by GB Famous
Played 350 times
touch ur toe touch ur toe
by GB Famous
Played 538 times
umbrella umbrella
by GB Famous
Played 619 times
bo bata bo bata
by GB Famous
Played 5006 times
t_0_t_0 t_0_t_0
by GB Famous
Played 4792 times
monster virus monster virus
by GB Famous
Played 4544 times
always be mine always be mine
by GB Famous
Played 4646 times
ashana ashana
by GB Famous
Played 5112 times
gbesumo mi gbesumo mi
by GB Famous
Played 4886 times
club banga club banga
by GB Famous
Played 4787 times
club banga club banga
by GB Famous
Played 4659 times
nani gi (only u) nani gi (only u)
Played 5797 times
na only u i know na only u i know
by sammie okposo
Played 18039 times

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