Na yor matter oh - Zolla Sterling (Download + Lyrics)

Na yor matter oh

ZollaSterling - Na Yor Matter
Heysss (Beats Start)
ZollaMatter o
Heysss, shebi u de do like say, u no sabi Zollup
Come here, come here, lemme teach you, thumbs up, put them together, (whisper) who level, STERLING!!
Moti kekere su
Moti kekere wa
Jomar lor x2
Jomar lor sun
Gbebo dèyé
Emini balance die
Small word when I talk
You de back back back
Which kind breed you be?
You be fucking around
You don use Samson girl
You don use dumebi
You de fear Police; But you de fear God abi
Na your matter oh
Zanku To my Zollup
Na Yor Matter Oh!!
Zanku to my handwork
Na your matter oh!
The matter, the matter -na big matter oh
Shola no go school, -na e matter
Emeka when buy Benz; na e matter
you feel say e easy, to use panta
Chairman no sub, Na your matter.
Your birthday is coming; E go come e go go o,
You want to buy card, I you want to buy clothes
Your hair is rough abi;
Na Yor Matter Oh
Verse 2
Baby I want to buy hair
I no get transport fere
Do transfer for me na
You de lie for me na
You no gREE de fall in love
MATTEr when concern them; Na their matter o
u get Crush and gf; na your matter o.
Owo ti plenty heyssss, na your matter o.
U when get 4 aza na your matter o
i broke I like am, na my matter o.
U when no get money, na your matter o
No de form Kolo for me na, na your matter o
She no even get sub,na her matter o
fine boy, wanna sex up, na he matter I o.
I can't feel my eyes, na my matter o
I want to just shout out. Na my matter o.
Your iTunes wor finish
MATTER TOO PLENTY, (Na the matter)
matter matter matter matter. Arising
You broke up with your boyfriend
For no reason
Too much material things
And no money for Account
You get many many girlfriends
And woman no de hangout
If I can’t do it; I can’t
No de put word for my mouth!!
(Na wa Heysss)
Serious matter, matter is anything that had weight and can occupy space
No use your weight take occupy my space!!
Verse 3
We no de fear debit alert; na we matter oh!
Girl come to your house u Don pull e pant,
na yor matter oh!
You de fuck, Like who de fight karate;
Na yor matter oh!
You no get abortion money, Na yor matter oh!
You when say school na scam; Na yor matter oh!
You when school never scam; Na your matter oh!
Matter when no concern you; Na your matter oh!!
Bestie Bestie, and pant de shift; Na una matter oh!!
Your girl ask for money, you say na scam;
Monkey no fine; but e mama like am
Paddy when e buy motor na God Bless am:
Mr. Jelof Calvary greetings!
AY Trip to Jamaica; na e matter o
Zlatan ibele ZANKU MASTER
You say love na scam; na your matter o!!
Heyssss (Na wa oo)
School No Be scam; but without school,we go make am
THE END- Lass lass your matter na scam!!
Heysss, Heyssssss, Heysssssssss.

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