6 Ways for Students to Write about Their Travels Better

Writing is an engaging activity and one that requires a person to take their time and organize their thoughts. However, at times, you can be swamped or find yourself under a lot of pressure which necessitates a break. In some situations, travelling can be a great answer and can even help one unwind before they get back to writing. Currently, there are numerous academic writing services and all promise you high-quality articles. However, only a few will provide you with what they promise. This means you ought to equip yourself with the necessary skills required for essay writing. Additionally, you ought to be able to make use of your experiences when writing.

Transforming your experiences into words can gift your essays a live touch which your readers can find engaging. For example, you can use your travel experience to help you write an interesting article and ensure your audience is entertained. If you are in need of tips to help you equip yourself with skills to help you write about your travels, please keep reading.

Ways Travelling makes you a Better Writer

Accomplished writers will tell you they also like travelling and for most of them, some of their best works have been done while on the road. Travelling gifts you the opportunity to explore and to broaden your perspective and for most writers, this means better writing. However, travelling can be challenging as well in that you will need money, time, and a lot of energy to plan and to execute your travel plans. Additionally, other factors including the different cultures you might encounter might also manifest themselves into challenges. However, in spite of the above challenges, below are some of the ways travelling makes you a better writer:

  • Travelling helps you create newer and better writing patterns. When you travel, you leave behind your comforts and the many retrogressive habits you might have concocted. This forces to develop new patterns which will, in turn, help you perfect your writing and become adaptable to different conditions.
  • As a writer, you get to renew your commitment to writing. Travelling also helps to remind you why you are writing. If you were stuck at home and did not know what to do, travelling helps to take you back to step one and reminds you why you began writing.
  • You become more creative because of travelling. The moment you visit a new place, you are immediately pushed beyond your limits or comfort zone. The uncertainty is almost overwhelming, but this breeds creativity and most writers often use this to boost their writing.
  • Travel is itself writing magic. As already stated, travelling gifts one a different perspective of the world. It is only after you have travelled that you will learn about the differences that exist in the cultures of the world. You will no longer be limited in your view of the world.

How to Write about Travelling in Academic Papers and Internet Blogs

When you are writing about travelling, consider the following tips:

  • Cultivate a reading habit. Reading will always be advantageous to writers. Immerse yourself in reading essay samples on travelling as well as some related articles to help you understand how different writers approach articles and academic papers about travelling.
  • Ensure you have a clear and precise storyline. Explaining to your readers what happened during your trip is not enough and often shows you lack a storyline. Therefore, look for a particular story in your travel or trip which you wish to reveal to your audience as well as the events that make up that particular story.
  • Seek to achieve a certain goal or objective. Every trip has its particular purpose, and some readers are interested in knowing what yours is. Therefore, include a goal in your article and if it is not obvious like reaching the peak of a mountain, create your own and write about it.
  • Make your first paragraph enticing. Your first paragraph will win you some more readers or will immediately lose you some. Therefore, make it interesting enough to keep your readers yearning for more.
  • Avoid sticking to the linear form of writing. Linear writing is one that starts from the beginning, gets to the middle, and then finishes in the end. This form of writing is boring, and a creative writer will be wise enough to ignore it. You can start from whichever part you wish and then stitch your pieces back together once you are done.
  • Include dialogue in your article or essay. Dialogue is quite relevant and essential in a travel essay or article. Instead of being flat in your article and simply stating or narrating the experience, provide your readers with some dialogue. It makes your article interesting and also helps to give personality to the characters you have in your story.
  • Seek a comment from a person you trust. It is always difficult to find your own mistakes in an article or essay. Therefore, you should entertain the thought of using another person who you trust to offer you honest opinions regarding your writing and also to correct the mistakes you might have made.


In conclusion, travelling essays are quite simple to write. While the above tips will get you started, you need to actively involve yourself in writing for the above points to make sense.